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Hamburg (Germany)

The association ABED e.V. was founded in 2001 in Burkina Faso and has been recognized by the state of Burkina Faso since 2003. In 2008, ABED Deutschland e.V., a non-profit association and independent provider of youth protection services based in Hamburg, was founded to revitalize and create other activities in Germany. Since then, we have carried out several activities around the world in connection with international cooperation and mobility projects. At the same time, we work in partnerships in the fields of education, health, international youth mobility and information on youth migration; and we are also committed to the rights of children and the improvement of their living conditions. ABED e.V.  is an initiative dedicated to improving the living conditions of young people and orphans, especially in Burkina Faso, where it coordinates the necessary assistance and supports the improvement of their living conditions.

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