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Meeting in Pisa ITALY


This first meeting was organised in Poitiers, at the coordinating institution of the project, France.
Each partner institution attended with 2 participants, i.e. the coordinator and one member of the implementation team.
The total number of participants was at least 10; the host institution participated with the whole implementation team, in order to better learn its tasks.
The aim of the partners' meeting was to discuss
- the most important sections of the project and its methodology, for a good knowledge of the objectives and how to achieve them
- the financial rules imposed by the Erasmus + programme, the financial plan of the project
- the signature of the agreements with the coordinating institution,
- the establishment of the communication plan: how, by which means, how often, how the information received will be stored;
- the tasks of each partner, as written in the project; when the tasks do not correspond to the partners' competences, improvements and changes of tasks can be made.
- Evaluation and monitoring mechanisms of the activities, according to the profile of the target groups (youth workers and possibly young people participating in local activities).
- The organisation of the next activities: who carries them, dates, starting time of the first day's activities, means of transport, choice of responsibilities, etc.

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