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We have thought about the possibility of creating communication networks and maintaining the link with the population. This will allow us to answer questions and constantly convey information and train intercultural relays. This SAMA RADIO project could play a bridge role with the realization of several actions and activities. This is the first project on this issue in our sector of activity.

Although the work that associative radio stations in Europe are developing with citizens of immigrant origin is known and recognized, this aspect has not been the subject of network work: this approach to language education has been poorly worked on. "Sama Radio" is innovative in the work it will carry out around subjective motivation and the double entry of social inclusion issues and issues of safeguarding cultural and linguistic roots.

Using the radio as a tool for training and skills development is innovative and publicly rewarding for the beneficiaries. It is a powerful tool for the mastery of the language and intercultural communication. In the long term, SAMA RADIO could be a powerful lever for exchanging with the diasporas on all issues that affect living well together and strengthening the process of integrating migrants.

For a better life in daily communication without problems, communities tend to group together in towns or neighborhoods and to continue to use their language as the language of community conviviality. It is also to keep the link with one's roots or the family of the country of origin that this language remains useful if not essential, including for the younger generations.

This linguistic duality can also pose problems of inclusion in the society of the host country. School and sociocultural structures then normally play a role in facilitating social inclusion. On this mission, the task remains to ensure a good balance between the official language which will be essential in social and professional inclusion and all these multiple minority languages, which correspond to values and deep cultural references which, in respect of the diversity must be defended.

Associative and community radios play a fundamental role in the survival and enhancement of these languages, which help maintain links in immigrant communities and better understanding between communities.

The "Sama Radio" project will focus on the angle of subjective motivation: identity, roots, tolerance, desire to know the other, with instruments to be built. A real work of intercultural mixing will be done for this purpose.

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