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The SAMA RADIO project aims to optimize communication for better inclusion. It is aimed at people who have communication difficulties either in social integration, because of their belonging to a immigrated minority community who must use the language of the country to access integration and at the same time safeguard the cultural heritage of the language of origin which is used in families, in the community. It is also used to maintain the links with the country of origin and more generally the cultural roots.

There is a two-part objective for this radio project:

- serve as a facilitator for all the diasporas to create areas of intercultural dialogue and convey important information

- maintain links with the countries of origin and better explain the problems of migration to the african population.

Beyond the linguistic issue, there is the issue of communication skills. And it is here that the radio instrument acquires its full dimension. Using the radio as a tool for training and building skills is innovative and publicly rewarding for the beneficiaries. On language proficiency and intercultural communication, it is a powerful and effective tool that can reach a wide audience.

Radio also induces the notion of responsibility in communication and thereby, the project contributes to an essential notion of high-level quality in socio-educational animation.

The project aims to optimize communication for better inclusion by:

 - working on the one hand to promote the languages of immigrant communities - on the other hand by facilitating a positive attitude of the whole population.

- better understand national and local geopolitics using their language and communicate with other parts of the population

- forge links and dialogue with locals and make cultures from elsewhere better known

- be the intermediate to pass on information with national and European public institutions on issues affecting the daily lives of migrants.

For this we want to co-create a recommendation guide to intercultural media that can be broadcasted to a greater number with the aim of: using radio to promote social inclusion by taking into account the minority languages of immigrant communities.

This guide will be used as a training tool to transfer know-how to other players in the sector, through training sessions and access to the document via the Internet. We will also work to create an online resource center to share as much information and tools as possible, easily reusable by all stakeholders.

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